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Explore Sarek NP - Lapland - Ski touring

10 days

8 days back country skiing in the wilderness.

Adventure trip.

From 16650 SEK (approx. 1840 €/1510 £)

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A visit to Sarek – Swedish Lapland in the winter months is not only a fascinating experience. It is also a challenge for the adventurous. This ski touring in the World Heritage site Laponia and in the heart of the Sami land, takes you deep into the wilderness. You will be outdoors with your experienced guide for 8 days: 10-20 km skiing with a sledge each day. Here you will find great views, glaciers, and an exotic nature with a flavour of the Arctic. Our guide is a member of the Swedish Ecotourism Society and this expedition is an ethical and high quality nature tour.



  • Swedish Ecotourism certified tour.
  • 8 days back country skiing in Europe’s last wilderness.
  • Explore the wildlife and follow predators’ tracks.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced local guides.
  • Seeing Nordic lights still possible at this season.
  • You can borrow at no extra cost ski and other equipment.


  • This tour is demanding and recommended for well trained people.
  • Immersion with outdoors life and setting up campsite every day.
  • Weak difference of altitude on this tour (max. 400m per day).
  • Maximum altitude: 1500m
  • Weather conditions will determine where we ski and where we camp.




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