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Terres Nordiques was born from the encounter of 2 outdoor lovers, Bertrand Carrier and Vincent Mathey, who settled in Sweden in 2005. It’s combining their experiences in organizing events, guiding numerous nature and adventure trips and consulting ecotourism that they founded this incoming agency like no other in Sweden.

Vincent and Bertrand not only communicate in Swedish, but they are both passionate about this country with four very strong seasons. They met their Swedish partners while travelling, spent time abroad before deciding to come with their family in the land of reindeers, midnight sun and Sami people.

Today, they not only communicate in Swedish. Their children have dual citizenships and while discovering Sweden, they have developed relationships of trust with a large network of local tourism professionals. They took the best of each region of each season to put together programmes as diverse as the authenticity of this country, which follows the rhythm of the surrounding nature.


Today Vincent and Bertrand share with you their knowledge of the Swedish culture, their secret "gardens" throughout Sweden and overall their passion for authentic experience, respectful of nature and men.

Their origins allow them to fully understand your expectations, which means they adapt better than anyone to your very tailor-made trip. Whether you are adventurous, athletic, nature observer,  seeking for meeting, whether you like traveling with family, friends or small group, whether you are a company comity, an association or a club, Terres Nordiques can suggest you  most authentic trip to Sweden.


Bertrand Carrier

Bertrand Carrier, co-founder of Terres Nordiques and ecotourism consultant, is native of Grenoble. A great traveller, at the age of 2 months he flew to spend the first years of his life abroad! In 1995 he made his debut in the world of tourism. Mountain guide, trekking product manager to the Sahara, he spent four years in Australia before moving with his wife and children in Stockholm in 2006. Believe it or not, he says that even today to arrange a visit to Sweden is no easier  than to the Sahara. "These descendants of the Vikings are nicely stubburn, and the Sami, the nomads of the north, are more used to communicate face to face than on facebook! "... And this is not to displease him.


Today he divides his time between Sweden, France and some developing countries where he is missioned as a consultant in ecotourism by the Dutch Ministry of Cooperation. But most of all, he likes to relax, spend time with family and return to the essential values of life in nature. He is particularly sensitive to the respect for the environment and can spend hours observing the fauna and flora to better understand and share it. In other words, it is undoubtedly your nature and hiking trip specialist in Sweden.


Vincent Mathey

Vincent Mathey, co-founder and CEO of Terres Nordiques is originally from Lyon. It is in Terra Incognita he made his debut as a creator of travel. After moving in the Stockholm area in 2004, he quickly enjoyed the Swedish adventure and left to explore the four corners of the country by train, by foot, bike, kayak. His friendliness and his talents in Swedish language always gave him access to the best of this so far unknown world. Always alert, he can find the best restaurants, tips of all kinds, sauna paradise, the small trails by the water, the bed and breakfast like no other, the local guide who has more than one trick, who knows the route surprisingly original.


Smiling, Vincent is a perpetual optimist - and he will always go to the end of his ideas and wishes. Organized and thorough, he will always make sure the proposed service is best suited to your needs as possible. In other words, you are in very good hands. For incentives, tailor-made trips, and self-guided itinerary he will most often respond to you.







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