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Terres Nordiques store and use the personal data supplied by you as part of your booking form in order to fulfil the contract between you and us. By completing the booking form, you agree that Terres Nordiques pass your contact details to any third party connected with the organisation of the trip you have booked. This information will not be used for any other purposes nor be passed to any other parties. Please do inform us at the time of booking if you do not want us to use your information to give you some news about our company, products and offers. We handle personal data submitted to us in accordance with what is laid down in the Swedish acts of personal data (personuppgiftslagen SFS 1998:204) and electronic communication (lagen om electronisk kommunikation SFS 2003:389). Personal data includes your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Also we reserve the right to use any photographs and video taken during the tours for use in marketing or any other advertising material and the client hereby gives consent of such photographs to be used. If you do not agree, thanks to inform your guide, local guide during the trip.



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