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Since 2006, Terres Nordiques designs and offers authentic trips to Sweden, with a wide range of landscapes, environments, ambiances and activities.

Vincent and Bertrand quickly organize incentive trips to Stockholm and its archipelago. Their unique concept is a true success, and Stockholm became a destination of choice for many international companies. The comfort of the capital with nature and archipelago so close offers a change of scenery in the blink of an eye.


The Terres Nordiques experiences are suitable for everyone, for every sportive level and every budget.

  • Guided, self guided or tailor-made trips for more flexibility
  • Multi-activity, exceptional or thematic experience for more choices.
  • Trips with culture, tradition and nature for more contrast.
  • Comfortable accommodation or camping, short or long trip for more immersion.

Terres Nordiques´ trips are not only highly oriented nature, but they are also as environmentally friendly as possible.


For group or tailor-made experiences:

  • We prefer small groups of 2 to 9 people.
  • We always recommend the less "pollutant" way of transport.
  • Our partners are selected based on their environmental ethic. They are usually part of the Ecotourism Society of Sweden.
  • We have selected the best local tour guides. All are graduates or have received training specific to their business.
  • We prefer organic or nearby food.


Sweden is a ideal discovery playground for those looking for contrasts:

  • Modern cities combine with harmony, history and sustainable development, economic vitality and quality of life, city centre and nature.
  • The contrasting landscapes from the southern plains of Lapland to the broad plateau in the north, from the border mountains to rugged coastlines, from the Great Lakes to thousand of islands, all real secret “gardens” for discovery and adventure lovers.
  • The activities in winter and summer are endless and original: sea kayaking, Nordic skiing, dog sledding, ice skating on frozen sea, cycling, hiking, wildlife safari, canoeing...




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